In Sangh we have chosen the following four utsavs to celebrate which are spread around the year and each one of them carries a different and special message of our great culture and heritage.

1. Varsh Pratipada (Mar-Apr)
This is the first day of the new year according to the national calendar of Bharat called Salivahana Shakha (78 AD). The other calendar called Vikram Samvat starts on Diwali day. We celebrate the Varsha Pratipada day because it marks the emergence of victorious Hindu Samaj after great struggles. Coincidentally Doctorji, the founder of Sangh, was also born on this day. This day reminds us of the great men who made our
society strong by organizing it.

2. Guru Poornima (Jul)
Devotional worship of the Guru is one of the most touching and elevating features of the Hindu cultural tradition. The relationship of guru-shishya is one unique symbol of our Hindu Dharma. The scared Bhagwa Dhwaj has been handed down through the ages by sanyasins and emperors to represent the greatest unifying symbol of the entire Hindu Samaj. In Sangh, we too have placed this flag as our Guru and guide. On this day we offer our sincere respects to our guru, the Bhagwa Dhwaj, by way of “Dakshina”. Dakshina is the time, effort and money given in support/service of the Sangh work.

3. Raksha Bandhan (Aug)
Commonly, the tying of Rakhi symbolizes the bond of protection between brother and the sister. In sangh, the rakhi is tied to all Hindus to symbolize the bond of protection between the individual and the samaj. We take an inner vow to serve and protect the Hindu samaj. In Shakha, the rakhi is first tied to the Bhagwa Dhwaj and then to all swayamsevaks and guests. This helps to promote/preserve our tradition in the society.

4. Vijaya Dashmi (Sep-Oct)
Vijaya (victory) Dashmi (tenth day) comes as the finale to the nine days of the festival of Navratri. Lord Rama defeated Ravana on this day so it signifies the victory of the good over evil. We celebrate this utsav in Sangh because we have to learn that only the strongest and the fittest will survive and that we want to bring others with us so that they will also be strong and proud Hindus. Coincidently, on this day in 1925, Sangh was
founded in Bharat.