Subhãshitas – Noble Words

Ayam Nijah Paro veti  | Gaanã Laghucetasãm  ||
Udãracaritãnãm Tu  | Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam  ||

The thought that, this is mine and that is somebody else’s,
appear only to those with a narrow mind.
For the large hearted ones, however, the entire world is a family.

Nãbhisheko Na Samskãra |  Simhasya Kriyate Vane  ||
Vikramãrjita Satwasya  |  Swayameva Mrgendratã.||

No rites of enthronement are performed on a lion as the
king of the animals in the forest.
It earns the kingship of animals by its own might.

Yadã Yadã Hi Dharmasya Glãnirbhavati Bhãrata  |
Abhyuthãnamadharmasya Tadãtmãnam Sjãmyaham.  ||
Paritrããy.Sãdhnãm.VinãÌãya Ca Dukrtãm..|
Dharmasansthãpanãrthãya Sambhavãmi
Yuge Yuge  || ( ‘Gita’ 4.7)

Whenever Dharma declines and evil rules, I manifest myself to protect the
virtuous and destroy the wicked, and thus re-establish the rule of Dharma in all ages

Mãtrudevo Bhav, Pitrudevo Bhav,
ãchãryadevo Bhav, Atithidevo Bhav

Treat mother with respect, father with respect, teacher with respect and guest with respect.

Krnvanto.Vishwam Ãryam

Let us make this world noble.

Ekam Sat Viprãh Bahudhã Vadanti

Truth is one; Wise men call it by different names.

Dhãraãt Dharmamityãhuh

It is Dharma that holds together and sustains.

Ahimsa Paramo Dharma

Non-violence is the highest code of conduct (Non-violence in this instance, refers to restraint despite having the ability to resort to use of force in order to promote peaceful change and protect weaker living entity)

Yatra Nãryastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Devtã

Wherever women are respected, there Gods reside.