HSS UK – Youth Leadership Training Course – Praised by Bob Blackman MP to 800 plus audience

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East and Chairperson of All Party Parliamentary Group for British Hindus praised the Youth Leadership Training and character building activities of HSS UK while addressing over 800 packed audience at the concluding function of the Sangh Shiksha Varg (SSV), a 9 Day residential youth leadership training course on Sunday 3 August 2014.

In a short but inspiring speech, Bob said “Far too many myths have been allowed to develop about what HSS does which needs to be dispelled. This is not my first visit to HSS summer camp. My first visit was in 1992 in Leicester. I saw there what I see here now. Young people learning the benefits not only of physical education, not only of mental education but also learning as individuals and as part of a team.”

Praising HSS, he said “We should dispel myths that have grown about HSS. Such stories that it is a paramilitary organisation, that it trains people to hate other people need to be challenged. What you see is that it trains people to be physically fit and who would think that is a bad thing. It trains young people with mental education as well and teaches meditation. It enshrines core values of Hinduism which is to create a peaceful world. Who would think that is a bad thing? Being peaceful is the core value of Hinduism and to maintain peace one needs to be vigilant.”

Leadership, teamwork and discipline are just three of many important qualities that 110 boys (Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh UK) and 53 girls (Hindu Sevika Samiti UK) developed over the nine day leadership training course. The attendees came from 41 towns in the UK and represented 14 states of India which shows the diverse reach HSS has across the community. The course was an educational arena which instigated complete character development through the practice of physical and intellectual activities.

Each morning the participants arose at 6 am and began their day with prayers and physical activities such as Yoga to calm the mind and wake up the body. Later during the day participants engaged in intellectual activities in form of discussions, role-plays, and lectures, designed to increased their knowledge and understanding of the Hindu Dharma. The participants also chose one physical and one intellectual subject to master over the nine days in focused workshops. Of the many intellectual subjects on offer popular ones were Public Speaking, History of Hinduism and Mahabharata. The most oversubscribed physical activities were Music and Niyudh (Indian Martial Art). These focused workshops developed self control, confidence and knowledge of the participants to aid them in becoming better leaders. The day would end with a special night time activity in form of team building exercises, role-plays or a singing competition. This let the participants wind down after a packed day but still developed many soft skills helpful in the society and workplace.

The training course was run by 34 full time instructors who facilitated all the physical and intellectual training. There were 72 fulltime and part-time volunteers who took charge of all behind the scene logistics to make sure the facilities were kept clean, food was cooked and site was secure. Over the 9 days, the course consumed 10,000 rotis (chapattis) kindly donated by 200 local families across North London and Hertfordshire. Over 70 pints of milk and 22 loaves of bread were used every day as part of 5 meals served to the attendees from sunrise to sunset.

The last day of the course was a public function known as Samarop where participants would showcase their talents in front of their parents and guests. They performed arts of Yogasana, Niyudh (martial art) in front of over 800 guests. The chief guest Rt Hon Bob Blackman MP for Harrow East, delivered an inspiring speech which emphasised on the contribution of Sewa, Hindu Dharma and young leaders to the mainstream life of UK. The Samarop ended with Nilesh Solanki (2014 Course Leader & Head of PR for HSS UK) delivering a powerful, inspiring and bold speech consisting of personal anecdotes addressing religious conversion, grooming and other challenges faced by Hindus in the UK.

The nine day training course created future leaders in the workspace, society and more importantly the Hindu Samaj. The theme of universal peace and oneness echoed throughout to inspire future leaders who would benefit the communities and embrace the world as one family. Hindu Swaymsevak Sangh’s motto is “we achieve by our own efforts”. This shows the dedication of all the instructors and volunteers who took time out of their personal lives to create an inspiring course to invest for the future of our world, taking the meaning of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The world is one family into a new dimension.

By Jeel Shah – www.hssuk.org


Nilesh Solanki
HSS UK – Head of Public Relations
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