Amrut Vachan – Quotable Quotes

Coming together
It is the coming together of little things in an organized manner that always goes to make a great thing. Great characters do not come up as ready made products in a day. They are built silently and their glorious heights scaled inch by inch and step by step.

Good in Others
Recognizing the good in others is one of the greatest and rarest of human virtues. The guiding principle for a worker should be to water the seeds of virtues in others and carefully weed out their defects, without parading them before all and by presenting before them the silent example of his own superior conduct.

Our Great Culture
There is no use merely saying, ”Oh! We have a great culture”. What do we know of it? How do we practice it? Do we look at our individual life as an offering to society? Do we feel that we should not merely run after pelf and power but should hold aloft virtues in life?

Even if a worker has certain great qualities, let him come down from his ’heights’ to the level of the average man and share his greatness with the rest of his brethren in society. Let him become one with others without making others feel that he is someone extraordinary.

Model Swayamsevak
Each one of us should try to become a model swayamsevak. May my whole life be dedicated to this work? For this purpose, we should acquire the necessary abilities of a good body and mind, develop the necessary qualities such as enthusiasm, confidence, valor and the will to win, and try to make our life that of a model swayamsevak.

Hard work and Duty Bound
There is a message of optimism for ordinary people in Doctorji’s life of hard work and duty-bound actions. The way to sure success is continuing uninterruptedly with our work, without thinking of happiness-sorrow, honour-insult, success-failure, amid poverty, paucity of publicity, inimical

The desire to strut about in the limelight of name and fame and to shine at the top only betrays one’s lack of inner worth and weakness for self-adulation. After all, what is great about sitting at the top? Even a crow can sit at the top of a dome!

Sweetness of Speech
There are persons endowed with pure character but who are rude and offensive in their speech and behavior. They even pride themselves on their rudeness. They say ”I call a spade a spade. If it offends anyone I care two hoots.” But he who is devoted to national reorganisation cannot afford to be so. Sweetness of speech is a ’must’ for a worker.

Self Introspection
It is necessary for the worker to sit in solitude daily in the mornings and night and probe his mind. With a discerning intellect he must find out whether any unworthy thought had entered his mind. If so, he should resolve to throw them out, and become purer from the next day. He should detach his mind from unholy associations and make it immersed in thoughts concerning the chosen mission of his life.

True Friendship
The test of true friendship is the ability to remain un-offended in face of adverse comments. Even if a person says or does something which in the eyes of others appears to harm or insult him and still he does not in the least feel its prick, then alone can he claim true friendship with that person

Living for a Cause
There are some, who sacrifice their lives in a flash of martyrdom. True, that is also glorious and inspiring. But to burn oneself every moment of one’s life in order to light up countless other hearts is a tapasya of the highest order.