We are very sad to hear the passing away of Param Poojaniya Pramukh Swami Maharaj on 13th August evening in Sarangpur, Gujarat. He was an embodiment of the highest state of Hindu spirituality in the modern age. He was simple, humble and lovable person who inspired and guided millions of people through practical example and interactions. He tirelessly worked to promote the eternal values of Hindu Dharma worldwide and built more than 1000 temples during his long tenure as head of BAPS. He inspired and motivated hundreds of young, professional men to dedicate life for Dharma, Sanskriti and Samaj. He was a great humanist and had full of compassion for all living things.

To his countless devotees, he was an incarnation of the Godhead. We take immense pride and privilege to have his blessings on number of occasions when he met and addressed our Swayamsevaks in the UK. It was one of his rare and memorable occasion when he presided over the Samarop function of our Sangh Shiksha Varg (SSV) in Croydon in 1985. That event is still cherished by our swayamsevaks.

He had great affection for Sangh work and always enquired about its progress. The world has lost a spiritual giant and will be missed by countless people worldwide. On behalf of HSS(UK), I offer our humble and heartfelt condolences and pray for eternal peace and “sadgati” to the departed soul. May his life continue to inspire and guide the world towards the path of Dharma and Peace. He will be remembered and followed for generations to come.


Dhiraj D Shah