I wanted to share our recent Balagokulam experiences that we started in West Drayton. We are delighted to see on average 25 sankhya (15 kids) every week. All the parents & children are enjoying the session of Balagokulam and are very much interested in volunteering as well. All our Karyakartas are energetic after attending the recent BG Shibir that we attended.

A Big “OM” to all of them (Jyotnsaji, Pushakarji, Roopaji, Amitji) and especially Hareshji from Hounslow who helped a lot right from the beginning for getting the School Hall hired and initial setup & sharing his experience from Hounslow.

Special Thanks to our pracaraks Chandrakantji & Ramji for always encouraging & supporting us to start Balagokulam in West Drayton.