Birmingham’s Bengali Hindu community invited Sangh karyakartas on very short notice, as guests to celebrate Swami Vivekananda’s life. Four Sangh karyakartas attended the function. The secretary expressed solidarity with the larger Hindu community and Sangh and invited Dr. Sunil Poshakwala to talk about Sangh in UK and how it functions.
Sunilji took the opportunity and gave a very good expression of how Sangh works in UK, how it adds value to the UK. He mentioned the different nature of work through Shakhas, Samiti, BG and Sewa.
Nagar Karyawaha Shri Narendrabhai Patel invited the parents to send their children to the shakhas . Leaflets mentioning the different activities of Sangh in
Birmingham were distributed. In return the secretary pledged to do whatever they could in this task.