Abhimanyu Shakha and Sita Shakha Slough decided to celebrate Sewa Day at their local mandir this November. After Shakha on a Sunday morning, over a dozen swaymsevaks and sevikas went to Slough Hindu Temple for an afternoon of Sewa.

Some of the important work carried out is of much use to the mandir, installing No Parking and No Smoking signs, tidying up the car park, surrounding areas as well as helping in the kitchen.

The event was so much fun and so useful for the local temple, that our karyakartass have committed to make this a regular occurrence, starting with once-a-quarter.

Shreya Sookrah, 9-year-old Sevika from Sita Shakha, Slough wrote. “We had Seva day after shakha at the mandir to help clean up the rubbish and litter. I helped untie a hose and brush the floor outside of the mandir. After that, I felt proud of myself because I did my Seva to help up clean the mandir. ”

“My day at the mandir was quite fun. We picked up the litter. We untangled a massive rope which was really wet. I enjoyed eating the pooree which are made of magnificent shape. In the end, I felt very proud that I helped the community.” Rishi Sookrah, 10-year-old Swayamsevak – Abhimanyu Shakha, Slough.


To do Sewa, is to selflessly provide service to the community. Think in your life what you can do to be of service to others and your local community, there is an opportunity every day to exercise this mentality, therefore EVERYDAY IS SEWA DAY!