International Day of Yoga 2017 was celebrated in Rugby at Caldecott Park on Sunday 18th June.

The first session started at 9.30am with a prayer, then general stretching which was followed by thirteen Suryanamaskars with mantras, followed by five types  Prayanaams- Bhastrika, Agni, Kapalabhati, Anulom Vilom and Bhramari.

The session was finished off with three Omkars.

The second session started at 10.30am taken by Patenjali Yog Peeth instructor Dr.T.Jotengia. He went through the warmups, stretches, Asanas and Prayanaam and at each stage explaining, the reasoning and benefits of each of the movements. This session was finished with a prayer and a question and answer session.

The third session started at 1.30pm and was taken by a Paul Thompson a member of RAYS (Rugby Area Yoga Society). Paul showed various Asaanas with concentrating and focusing on breathing during each of the movements.

The day was sunny and warm and attended by nearly one hundred and forty people throughout the day and came from all walks of life, the age varied from 7 to 95yrs old who attended and enjoyed by all.