The Kalyan Prarthna Mandir in Rugby recently experienced a fire in the kitchen which resulted in a tremendous amount of smoke damage. A couple of Swayamsevaks had come for the Aarti in the evening. After the Aarti, the Mandir asked for some help to clean the walls/pictures etc. There were only a few people present, most of them were elderly.

One swayamsevak sent on a message on the Rugby Shakha/Samiti WhatsApp group at 7.31pm asking for one hour of help. By 7.40pm, Swayamsevaks and Sevikas were flooding through the door to offer their help. The local Mandir were buoyed by the show of solidarity from our Swayamsevaks/Sevikas. During general chit chat, it was found that when the WhatsApp message was sent, one was shopping at Asda, another was gardening, one was eating, and others were carrying on with their normal routines – all dropped what they were doing and came to the rescue.