Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (UK) organises Illuminate – a unique online summer programme for 250 secondary school students

When most students would be enjoying a lie in during the summer break, 250 students from across the UK from as far north as Aberdeen joined a unique 5 day online summer programme from 8.30 am in the morning until midday.

The day started with chanting of various mantra from ancient scriptures such as the Vedas promoting universal peace and harmony.  This was then followed by a Yoga session led by expert instructors and a high impact, high energy martial arts class.  In one of the interactive sessions, organisers encouraged participants to prepare a healthy drink or meal in 15 minutes!

A number of engaging talks were arranged covering Hindu History, Hindu Way of Life and examples of exemplary individuals who have positively contributed to society.  Participants then had an opportunity to discuss the topics in smaller groups using the Zoom platform’s breakout room option. 

85 students then enrolled for Project Week providing an opportunity to research a topic of their choice.  They were then asked to either submit a written piece, a presentation, a speech or an interview.

During the week, in addition to Zoom, a number of other interactive online platforms were utilised including Kahoot Jam boards and Google Classrooms.  The organising team and all facilitators had taken time out of their professional lives to conduct the week-long online event.  The fantastic teamwork ensured a high-quality online programme for all students. 

This unique experience has inspired all students and ensured they continue to stay connected with their rich culture and heritage.