Today is Raksha Bandhan! A Hindu festival where sisters traditionally tie a ‘sacred thread of protection’ on their brothers arms to give them a blessing of strength needed to protect their family and society. Now it is often tied on those assigned to protect the community too.

Nicola Richards MP (West Bromwich East) was joined by members of the Hindu community this afternoon and has a ‘raki/rakri’ tied upon her to thank her for all the great work she is doing looking out for the local community and of course the Hindu community.

The Raki/Rakri thread is actually made up of many small threads that are intertwined. This is a constant reminder to the wearer that one string on its own is easy to break, but when many weak string intertwine together they become very strong and difficult to break.

It does not matter if we feel we are strong or weak, if we all work together towards good, then we become an unbreakable force.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!