On 3rd-5th February 2017, 47 Tarun [Youth] Swayamsevaks and Kendriya karyakartas [National coordinators] assembled at Malvern Worcester for a weekend of dynamism and engagement. Sanghachalak Man. Dhirubhai Shah, Man. Ram Vaidya, Shri Amratji and Shri Chandrakantji also attended full time. The weekend included excellent khel and yoga sessions, and also a scenic walk up the Malvern Hills. The bauddhik was split into 3 sessions: 1) Exploring Leadership – looking at Strategy, Interpersonal and Operations aspects of an effective leader 2) Understanding the Shakha model and exploring the behaviour of a well-motivated Karyakarta 3) We have a mission – shake off the lethargy. Our biggest disease is that we are too comfortable. We must recognise that there are problem in front of us, and we need to step up to and work together to face these.

The concluding Samarop was delivered by Man. Ramji Vaidya. Some important messages: “Only dead fish flow with the current”, “Karyakarta – one who inspires us and creates karyakartas better than himself”, “Let there never be a time in your life when you say, ‘I used to be a Swayamsevak’.”