Slough Shakha celebrated 5th International Day of Yoga

After 2 Yoga in the park and 2 Yoga at the Beach Slough Shakha celebrated 5th International Day of Yoga at Herschel Sports Centre Slough. 62 Swayamsevaks and Sevika’s of all age took part in the IDY celebration.

After the initial warmup and stretching exercises and SuryaNamaskars, professional Yoga Instructor Chitra ( led the group through a variety of Yogasana (postures) and finished with Pranayaam (breathing exercises) for all-round physical benefits.  

Maidenhead based Chitra explained the health and wellbeing benefits of regular yoga practice on the body as well as the mind. She encouraged everyone to do yoga regularly for a healthy life free of stress and illness and finished with a question and answer session from the enthusiastic group.

Mr Raj Sookrah, Slough Shareerik Pramukh, explained, “The International Yoga Day brought specific focus on one of the regular activities we do every Sunday morning in our group sessions at Herschel Sports Centre. Yoga forms part of our versatile development programme, which includes games and exercises as well as intellectual development activities. We are pleased that many members took advantage of the special focus on Yoga today. ”

2 Young Sevika’s testimonials

“21st of June was international Yoga day. Slough Abhimanyu and Sita Shaka celebrated this wonderful event on the 23rd of June. We started with simple yoga poses and stretches (led by Ajay Ji) to warm us up. After that, we did Suryanamskar. We went through it slowly and ensured we got all the positions correct. We had a special guest to help us on this day. Chitra is a yoga teacher in Maidenhead. She taught us all, the reason why we do yoga and the benefits from it. She also went through many poses that would benefit many of use immensely. For example sitting in Vajrasana will help in digestion. She also explained us the difference between asana and yoga. I have learnt many things and will definitely want to do this again. Once we finished we had an amazing picnic with lots of treats!”

Sanjita Madhekar – 12 years old Sevika

“Today in Shaka we celebrated international yoga day. I learnt how yoga can improve both physical and mental strength, if you practice regularly. After doing yoga I felt clam, refreshed and had a clear mind. I really enjoyed the Shaka today because of how peaceful it was.”

– Anjali..12 year old Sevika