Step into the Kingdom of Ayodhya, a place of harmony, friendship and adventure.

During the February half term weekend, North London Sevikas were welcomed to this kingdom and to follow the journey of Ram & Sita at the Ramayan Shibir, held in Kings Langley. The environment was created by Sevikas working with one another and our sub-theme Ek deep se jale doosera brought together the key moments in the Ramayan legend for the sevikas aged 6 to 80+

Through morning yogasana and khel themed around the story to building bridges as strong as Ram Setu. Through learning about the characters of Ram, Lakshman and Ravana to the hidden story of compassion between Sita and Trijata, a demoness. The weekend was packed full of adventure leaving each Sevika in awe of our rich history and part of a bigger family. And with cooking on site by our own sevikas – we can say the sevikas were definitely buzzing with tremendous amounts of energy throughout the weekend and beyond.