Whenever I hear the name ‘Hanuman’, I’m taken to a world filled with excitement and adventure.  Adept in all sorts of physical and intellectual activity, He is my role model. I want to be like him; in fact, I want to be him. Is that so difficult? Can I actually be Hanuman? I believe there are two qualities that will help us becomes more like Him:

Realise your own potential

When Hanuman was young he would get into serious trouble with sages for disturbing their prayers and meditation. When caught, he was cursed by the sages, “May you never recall your own strength when you need it the most!”

Sure enough, when the time came to leap across the ocean to Lanka, Hanuman was mute. It took Jambhavan to remind him of his true capabilities, and find the confidence to accomplish the mission.

When faced with challenges in life we often fill ourselves with doubt or a reason as to why we can’t overcome a situation. In the same way, we often need to be reminded by a friend, a book or an inspirational event that we are more than capable of achieving what we want if we put our wholehearted effort into it.

Devote yourself to a higher cause

When Hanuman met Ram he understood that his existence was for a higher purpose – to devote his life for the mission that Ram was undertaking. Hanuman worked tirelessly in search for Sita; so much so that when asked to rest, he wouldn’t stop until the work was done.

The greatness for which Hanuman is remembered is not his own abilities, but rather the actions he did for others. These selfless acts are the ones that reserve him a place in our hearts and minds today.
In our own lives, the things we achieve can give us some happiness, but things we do for others bring us an everlasting joy.

Jayesh Mistry, Leicester