On Sunday 27th August, 20 karkyakartas from across the East Midlands gathered at the Leicester Karyalay for a Sampark Abhyaas Varg.

Opening the varg, Shri Prakashji Nandha (Europe Karyawah) explained how sampark is the first pillar of Sangh.  From Sampark flow the other activities of Sangh.

Sampark means to connect or to be together.  For Sangh, sampark can take place on two important levels:

1) Within the Sangh Parivaar to motivate one another and to keep together, and,

2) With the Samaj which is broader outreach to society.

In this day and age of social media, face-to-face sampark came out as the 5-star method.  The varg continued with some role play as well as exploring the concept of what Samaj actually means to us and why we as swayamsewaks need to actively engage in Sampark.

Overall, it was a fruitful day that helped give focus to a primary pillar of Sangh.  The next step for us is to put our learning into action!