Recently, while covering Bharatiya elections on  BBCs Newsnight programme on 16thMay,   well known Hinduphobe William Dalrymple went to its extremes labeling BJP prime ministerial candidate Naraendra Modi as  mass murderer. British MP from Withham and Prime Minister’s UK Indian Diaspora Champion Priti Patel wrote a strong letter condemning the attacks on Modi to the head of the BBC Lord Tony Hall Director General of BBC. She mentioned that many in the British Bharatiya community, particularly those of Gujarati origin, were offended by the reporting about Prime Minister-elect   Narendra Modi. From the beginning of the broadcast, Modi was portrayed by the presenter, Yalda Hakim, as a “controversial figure.”  Modi’s  political  opponents  have portrayed him as being  ’controversial’, so by using  this reference,  the BBC, who should  be impartial, is giving  acceptance  to the political  position  of Modi’s  opponents   rather  than reporting  objectively.  The term ‘controversial’  could  be used  to describe  a large number of politicians,  which  is why  many  people  in Britain’s  Bharatiya community   believe  its use purely  in relation  to Modi in the news item was unbalanced.