Proudh Shibir 2014

The annual Proudh Shibir took place from Friday to Sunday (6 to 8 June 2014) at Beumanor Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK. The theme of the shibir was “SANGH; SAMAJ & SAMPARK”

Total sankhya of full timers was 87. On Saturday additional 10 swayamsevaks came for a day and similarly 5 attended on Sunday.

The two day programme contained lot of activities such as sharireek; games; bauddhiks; group discussion; innovative game playing titled “trading”; manoranjan Sabha; quiz competition.

There were three bauddhiks: (1) Role of a swayamsevak in Samaj by Shri Dhirajbhai Shah (UK Sanghchalak); (2) the need to play a role via membership of a political party by Shri Mukesh Naker of British Hindu Voice along with Councillor Shri Bhupendra Bhai Dave of Leicester (3) Samaj related activity that one can carry out by Shri Jayantibhai Doshi of Nav Jivan Samaj, UK

On Saturday an item called fringe meetings took place where various community related speakers threw their experience on subjects like: Indo-Jew Association; Hindu Chaplaincy in Prisons; Adult Education; Teaching of mother tongue’; Yoga Shakha; our involvement in Temples and community work; SEWA activity; learning of Samskrit Language and last was BJP’s election victory in the recently concluded elections held in Bharat. In the evening, we had quiz competition conducted by Dr. Tribhovanji Jotangia which was played in four groups; followed by Manoranjan Sabha (light hearted programme).

On Sunday after Dhwaja Pranaam followed by Prarthana, swayamsevak divided into two groups – first group consisted of those senior swayamsevaks who stayed and carried out indoor sharireek; the second group contained swayamsevaks who went out for an hour’s brisk walk.

The samarop Bauddhik was delivered by Shri Ram Vaidyaji and exalted swayamsevaks to take up one community related activity; support local shakha network; assess possibility of commencing balgokulam; he also insisted now that election result of India have gone by, our mission should be to concentrate and strengthen our shakha network work.