We, the enthusiastic team of Keshav Balagokulam of Manchester are delighted to share the experience of Guru Vandana event.

After a long haul wait and overcoming obstacles we were able to successfully launch our first Guru Vandana event on the 17th Nov 2017 at Barlow RC high school at Manchester.

Two Karyakartas were allocated to host the whole programme. Total 5 teachers attended, out of which one was a deputy headteacher.

The programme began with hoisting the Dhwaj and Sampat, followed by welcoming the teachers who taught at their mainstream school. The karyakaram was not just limited to BG, whole of the Manchester Surya Shakha and Kaveri Samiti participated equally. BG kids started off by performing Surya Namaskar with mantras followed by shloka recitation. The shlokas were selected in lieu of the event. Soon after the performance, the kids paid respect to the teachers by touching their feet, giving gifts and flowers. This was followed by the demonstration of Bhoomi vandan by our Kaveri Samiti. Our final performance was a Geet by all kids and adults.

Later our Sangh Karyakartas demonstrated some Khels and got the audience involved. We invited the teachers to speak a little bit about themselves and the children. We finished Karyakram by doing Sampat saying Ekat mantra, Prarthana, bhojan mantra and vikir followed by delicious swadeshi Bhojan.

The teachers connected themselves very well all through the karyakaram, as we explained the significance and meaning of each and every performance and khels. The Karyakram was well received by the audience and the teachers enjoyed the evening with their school children in a different and leisured manner. They were very thankful and touched by the Hindu culture of Guru & Shishya respect.

-Akhila Muthuswamy

(Karyawahika of Keshav Manchester Balagokulam)